Welcome to The Source

The Source Mudra

Thank you.

        A community can be defined as the unity common between a group of people. Often times this unity is in the form of shared space on this planet or time in which to live your days. This community has none of that – in fact, the rules of time and space do not apply here. For example, a morning in Hawai’i is not a morning in Berlin and the people that inhabit those places are not the same. We are not defined by space nor time – and that is a beautiful thing.

        We are a collection of human beings coming together with one goal in mind – to live a mindful live. That is what unifies us – our need to go to the source of ourselves and live in authenticity. That is it, and yet, that is more than enough. 

        It is our honor to share in this journey with you.

        From all of us here at The Source Yoga + Wellness, we are humbled and overjoyed that you chose to join our community. Now what are you waiting for?

        Go Within.