Aloha Source Community,
After months of work, we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of The Source Yoga App! 
We have worked tirelessly to design a mobile app that is not only intuitive and easy to use, but also packed with powerful features. The Source Yoga App is now available for download in the App Store for iOS devices and is coming soon to the Google Play Store for Android devices.
Click here to download from the iOS App Store.
Before using the app, it may be beneficial to your experience to read these below features:
The Login
If you already have an account with The Source Yoga + Wellness, you can log in to the app with your same username and password. If you do not already have an account, you can create one on the app login page and those credentials will work to log in on our website as well. Our app and our website operate together, and your membership level will determine what content you will be able to see and use in the app – for example, if you are a Premium Member, you will have premium permission in the app (all available classes, meditations and ability to download content for offline use).
Push Notifications
As of now, we do not send many push notifications and mainly use the function to alert app users of an app update. We highly recommend you allow push notifications for the app in order to receive update alerts and keep everything running smoothly in-app, and receive the latest released content. Our promise to you is to keep innovating with everything we do here at The Source Yoga + Wellness to enhance your user experience. In order to honor that promise we will be updating our app often, so stay tuned in to those push notifications!
The Source Social
We are incredibly excited to make The Source Social mobile. Although we aim to be an alternative, yoga-centric social network, we will use popular social networks as an analogy to explain the relationship between The Source Social mobile and desktop. The Source Social mobile is a mixture of early day Instagram and Twitter, where you can post just photos, just text, or text with photos. Just like the modern-day Instagram to Facebook ecosystem – everything you post to The Source Social mobile will be reflected on The Source Social desktop (our website). However, The Source Social desktop has more capabilities than The Source Social mobile. On our desktop version you can post videos, gifs, links to websites, etc. Nothing posted to The Source Social desktop will be seen in the app version of our social network. Keep that in mind as you engage on the world’s only yoga-centric social network – we look forward to connecting with you there.

As always, please be respectful with your words and the words of others while using The Source Social. For more information on community guidelines view our Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy.​​
Camera and Photo Library Access
You can post photos to The Source Social mobile using your phone’s camera. All you have to do is give The Source Yoga App access to your camera, take a photo and post it directly to the social feed. You can also post photos that are preexisting in your photo library so long as you grant The Source Yoga App access, select a photo and post it. This access is granted and facilitated securely through Apple, inc. and our servers do not have any access to your personal content. When you post a photo, that photo is copied by your Apple device and the copied version is sent to our server in order to be viewed on The Source Social using all the same protocols modern-day social networks use. If you ever want a photo taken down, you can log in to The Source Social desktop version and delete your post. This action will also delete your post in the app version of the social network.
Learn More
The best way to learn more about our app is to download it, use it to get familiar and watch our header videos at the top of many pages within the app. We are adding content daily, such as classes, meditations, help articles and more, that will immediately be seen in your app. There are many ways to contact us from within the app, so we hope you always feel supported in using our mobile application. If there’s anything else you’d like to know more about, please email us.

As always, if there is anything we can do to improve your experience, or our offering, at The Source Yoga + Wellness, please let us know and we try our best to make that happen for you. We look forward to seeing you in the app!

The Source Yoga + Wellness
P.O. Box 1674 Kailua, HI 96734
[email protected]