Jenn Collotta

Jenn Collotta


Jenn Collotta is a Boston Native that found the same thing in yoga and Hawai’i when she first discovered them – freedom. Following her bliss, Jenn moved to Hawai’i at the age of 23 to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time yoga instructor on the island of ‘Oahu. Years of both unexpected adversity and adventure have shaped Jenn into the openhearted, fun-loving teacher she is today. With stillness and self-study, Jenn believes that we can all find freedom in this lifetime and she knows that yoga is a powerful conduit for that liberation.

Embarking on the journey into The Source Yoga + Wellness has been and incredibly grounding experience for Jenn. Delving into the “how-to” of creating the most in-depth experience of yoga available has allowed Jenn to be a student in her own practice. Her inspiration to share the wisdom of this 10,000 year old practice continues to grow with each new day. Jenn invited all of her students, new and old, to come share stillness with hearts wide open as we follow our bliss towards our personal freedom.

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