Goddes Gathering
Goddess Gathering Header

by Jenn Collotta

In a time not too long ago, when humanity was more deeply connected to Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine was seen, celebrated, and revered as sacred. Both men and women lived in harmony with the cyclical nature of our world and honored women’s sacred connection through their own cyclic system.  Carrying the potential for life within us, women were honored as a portal from which creation sprung, bridging the gap between earth and heaven, the seen and unseen.

We, as women, have been gathering together for thousands of years. When surrounded by other women, we have a chance to drop our protective armor, come out from behind our masks of societal pressure, and simply be the wise, wild, loving, powerful, compassionate women we were always meant to be. In the presence of our soul sisters, we are able to rise into our power and recognize our goddess energy.

This is an invitation to gather, to be both held and free. To be held in a space of non-judgment where you can investigate your light and your shadows. To be free to share your hopes and dreams, your fears and unfulfilled desires, without the need for immediate answers or “fixing”.  This is an invitation to become a lighthouse in your own life.  Consider, how a lighthouse does not need to travel around looking for a space to be seen- it simply stands in its own unique light and passerby’s cannot help but see it. Grounded in the presence of our sisters, we no longer need to rush around seeking approval from the external world. Together, we can learn to root down into our goddess energy and rise up to the awakening of the Sacred Feminine.

Rise, Sister, Rise.