About Us

A story of happenstance.

Our Story

The morning was still and smelt of fresh dew. It was early January and not a car was on the road during that drive. Travis, thinking it was too early to be awake, made a special note of this. His sister pretended she did not hear him. She had invited him to a yoga class, something he had never thought of before the very moment his sister’s invitation rolled off her lips. Ten hours later he was in a car wondering what he got himself into.

If only he had known.

She was something of a traveller – she loved new experiences – but the moment she first laid eyes on Hawai’i she knew she found home. Five years later, Jenn found herself in Kailua, Hawai’i opening up a yoga studio, something she had always dreamed of, and the community embraced her. Yet, her wandering heart knew there was more to this path of yoga and well-being.

He barely could see through the bags under his eyes – self-care had eluded him throughout the years – yet he remembers it perfectly. As Travis walked into the yoga studio that day, Jenn popped up from behind the desk with bright eyes. 

Both their lives had forever changed.

Travis fell in love with yoga during his very first class. He signed up for teacher training, led by Jenn, and never looked back. This was the start of The Source Yoga + Wellness.

A year later, Travis and Jenn decided to form the company with the intention of spreading this practice of yoga as far and deep as they could. They look back at how far they have come with gratitude. For it was little moments, like the one that day in early January, that led them to this. Little moments that can only be explained by divine unison – yoga.